Avondale Community Action deliver, incubate and enable locally-led community development projects. We’ve done so since 2012.
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We’re passionate about: 

  • Enhancing public spaces through urban activations
  • Improving our town centre in terms of design, connectivity and accessibility 
  • Engaging with elected representatives and Council staff – asking brave questions and advocating for things that are important to Avondale locals
  • Supporting projects and outreach that: 
    • Disrupt social deprivation and isolation
    • Ignite community pride, positivity and connection

Our mission: 

To connect, enable, energise and champion collaborative community-led development in Avondale.

Our vision: 

Avondale: a thriving, connected, vibrant and diverse community that locals feel proud to be a part of.

Our trustees, and their varied expertise:

Sue Thirkettle – administration and accounting, residential social work, Not-for-Profit management, restorative justice 

Michelle Ardern – Graphic design, creative practice, place making

Simon O’Carroll – Medical Science, research, funding

Pirie Brown – Governance, justice of the peace, charity director

Nina Patel – Urban designer, creative practice

Dayne Smith – I Love Avondale Founder, Trustee & Storytelling coordinator. Community Developer.

In the past & present we have been supported by various organisations, we would like to thank you for helping us to keep going.