Enabling Others

As a Charitable Trust we are in a strong position to provide umbrella support to individuals and groups throughout our community. We currently provided backbone organisational support for I Love Avondale and Feed the Streets.
If you have an idea you’d like to talk through with us, or a local initiative you’d like some support with, we’d love to hear from you.

I Love AD

I Love Avondale fosters connectivity, belonging and action both online and on the ground. It has evolved from a social media project founded by Dayne Smith, to a three year community development project initiated by Avondale Community Action and funded by the Department of Internal Affairs.

I Love Avondale lives on as an independent initiative led by Dayne Smith, alongside co-worker Victoria (Vic) Malone with Avondale Community Action securing ongoing funding and providing backbone, administrative support and accountability. 

Online, I Love Avondale use social platforms to ‘show and grow good in the hood’.  Avondale pride and identity is celebrated, and community connections are established and built on. 

On the ground, Dayne and Vic lead and support community events and activities, provide advice, share knowledge, connect people and broker opportunities, meeting needs for people-centred community development. 

Dayne 021 024 57346

Vic 021 026 96693

Feed the Streets

Feed the Streets is another fantastic, independent initiative in our neighbourhood, led by Anne Riley and made possible by her generous team of volunteers and donors.

Dinner, dessert, good company and koha are shared every second Saturday night at the Avondale Community Centre, 99 Rosebank Road.

Avondale Community Action assists Anne in securing ongoing investment in this important mahi.

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