Our big backyard 2019

Avondale Community Action: 

  • Support quality housing intensification in Avondale – private, state, not for profit and private-public partnerships 
  • Support the design and build of the new community facilities on main street; Great North Road, near the Spider but can see limitations in size and location of the new site 
  • Do not accept that 93 – 99 Rosebank Road (the land on which our currently Community Centre and Library sit) must be sold to part-fund the main street project 
  • Believe current plans (to sell 93 – 99 Rosebank Road to a private developer) sells Avondale short and prevents us from meeting current and future needs of our diverse community
  • Expect excellent community infrastructure and are working across disciplines – community development, urban design, creative – to build a case for better outcomes for Avondale

In 2019, we commissioned an independent urban designer who was supported by Motu Design to look at options to redevelop 93 – 99 Rosebank Road (the current site of the Avondale Community Centre and Library) in a way that promotes mental, physical health and wellbeing in this part of Avondale that will in future be surrounded by around 250 + apartments.

The following concept designs show how these positive outcomes are possible through the provision of public bumping, learning, sharing and play spaces to support the people who will live near here. 

We remain in conversation with Panuku Development Auckland, the Whau Local Board and other decision makers about the opportunities we see for 93 – 99 Rosebank Road. 

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