Our Future Avondale 2019

Our Future Avondale vision is a living document, and the ideas and aspirations are not fixed, but provide a start for ongoing discussion and collaboration.

This document has been produced with members of the Avondale Community to create a community-led vision for the future of Avondale.

Avondale is a town-centre and suburb where significant change and development is expected to happen over next 5 – 15 years. This will include many more apartments and terraced houses, a new community centre, and upgrade works in the town centre and more people living here. Redevelopment of several large sites is anticipated, including land owned by Housing New Zealand and Panuku Development Auckland, Auckland Council’s urban development agency.

The purpose of the vision document is to provide the communities of Avondale with a clear voice on what is important to them for the future of Avondale and to help designers and decision makers to better understand community aspirations when new development is being planned. It is not intended to be a technical planning document, and priority has been given to reflecting the community’s voices, and shared values that can be applied in a variety of ways to both public and private development projects.

The vision also provides the opportunity for new community-led initiatives to be identified, and existing organisations to know that they have support and interest from the wider community.

The workshop process and research also highlighted the important relationship between the Rosebank Peninsula and Avondale both in the past and in the present day due to the geography, connecting routes, residential and business areas, schools, sports and recreational facilities and suggests this should be reflected in future development, projects and planning.

OUR FUTURE AVONDALE – Next Steps Workshop – Dec ’20

Outcomes Document

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