No More Land Sales

Since the SuperCity began, over 23,000m2 of Auckland Council public land has been sold in Avondale for housing. Quality housing is welcome in Avondale BUT we need public space too. To avoid Avondale becoming a heavily intensified suburb without any public or recreational space, Auckland Council must stop selling publicly owned land.

Land known as the Central Reserve (site of old netball courts) and Highbury Triangle (Library and Community Centre site) are key pieces of land that must be retained for public use:

Avondale has lost large quantities of Auckland Council owned land and significant community facilities. In return, the Super City has reinvested very little in our neighbourhood.

Under the now Finalised Unitary Plan:

– Avondale Town Centre is zoned for mixed-use living up to 8 storeys high
– Streets surrounding our Town Centre are zoned for apartments and terraced housing.
– Avondale will be gaining thousands of residents.

As our suburb changes and grows we need to ensure we have enough quality public and recreational space to meet our community needs.

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