Racecourse Parade

In 2014, it has been brought to our group’s attention recently that land at 24-26 Racecourse Parade has been approved for sale by the Auckland Council’s Governing Body, despite The Whau local Board being opposed, and the Avondale community not consulted.

The following link takes you to the relevant portion of the minutes of the Finance and Performance Committee meeting held on 16th April 2014. The decision to dispose of this land for private sale has raised questions for us about development in Avondale.

As a resident-led group working towards a better future for Avondale we are not opposed to development in principle and we can see some really positive opportunities for the development  of our town centre, if it is done right and with community onside. What we don’t want to see is private development happening before Avondale’s community infrastructure is invested in, which is long overdue.

  • community infrastructure and
  • Where are the public services and open spaces going to be to service this increase in population?
  • Why are council assets being sold without local public consultation?

We were unsuccessful in stopping the Sale but became aware of the Avondale Town Centre Action Plan influence (ATCAP) which is the guide being used for future developments. Note: since then ACPL as become Panuku and they have developed the Unlock Avondale High Level Project Plan for the designated areas.

Other land in Avondale that has recently been sold or is for sale now
  • 27, 29, 43 Powell Street, Resource consent for 31 houses (263m2 per dwelling). This was 8183 m2 of Council land.
  • 96 St Georges street, 5013 m2 of Council land up for sale. Currently reserve but will be housing.
  • 1815, 1817 and 1823 Great North Road, 3072 m2 of Council land approved for sale for housing.
  • 2124 Great North Road, 2101 m2 of Council land for sale for housing.
  • 57 Arran street, 8802 m2 of Crown land currently for sale for housing.
  • Avondale Jockey Club is currently selling 9719m2 for housing.
  • 121 Avondale Road, 9409 m2 of Private residential (housing) land currently for sale

This makes a total of 18,369 sqm of council land, 8802 sqm of Crown Land and 19,128 sqm of private land.

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